The Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP) is a robust, hybrid educational and industry experience for university engineering students, 包括和记棋牌娱乐.

By participating in the co-op, students in our various engineering majors are guided through their coursework, participate in seminars and engage in two six-month internships with our business partners. The program instills in students a deep understanding of the theoretical and technical aspects of engineering. It also gives them exposure to different engineering disciplines, diverse professional workplace experiences, state-of-the-art technology.

Students in the following programs may apply: 机械工程 - (Klamath Falls campus only), 机械工程 Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, 测绘学, 土木工程, 电气工程, Software Engineering TechnologyEmbedded Systems Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology.



  • 实际工作经历
  • Two six-month internships
  • Opportunity to experience the real work environments, tryout different sectors of industries, 管理风格, 等.
  • Learn early in your career what an engineer really is like
  • Learn from experience your academic and personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Make more informed course selections upon return to the university
  • Have motivation or reasons to apply yourself
  • Finance all or a major part of your education
  • Develop the ability to understand and grasp course content upon return to the university
  • Develop maturity and confidence
  • Become highly marketable after graduating
  • Make contacts in industry that last a lifetime

Here's what the co-op's timeline looks like for students:

第一年: Students begin lower-division coursework

第二年: Students complete lower-division coursework and, 在年底, apply and interview with the MECOP咨询委员会.

第三年: Accepted students attend a MECOP seminar and begin upper-division coursework. They also interview for their first internship, which they complete during the spring and summer.

第四年: Students attend another MECOP seminar and continue their coursework. They also interview for their second internship and work for a company during the summer and into the fall.

第五年: 举行了第三次讨论会, students complete their upper-division coursework and graduate with the Bachelor of Science degree for their respective programs.



"I chose Oregon Tech because it has a strong 测绘学 department and supports participation in the MECOP/CECOP internship program. Also, the small class sizes make classes a lot more enjoyable."

朗达损失, 测绘学


阿尔弗德的机会 at Boeing's Everett Site

"All MECOP internships are paid six-month internships. This is interesting when working at Boeing because the majority of interns that work here are only here for a 10 or 12-week summer internship. The 6-months gives me enough time to get trained up first then to start doing some actual work with the team."

阿尔弗德的机会, 机械工程


Student using drill press
The co-op is overseen by the MECOP咨询委员会, which includes a representative from each company partner. The board helps to develop our curriculum, 资助项目, 选择学生, coordinate internships. Internship applications are open until March 31.

Interested in applying or have questions? 联系 教授 布莱恩Moravec, MECOP’s program coordinator.