State and Local Lobbying Rules

Thomas Arce, Dr. Nagi, and Hootie the Owl

Oregon law prohibits all public officials and employees from receiving, and “interested parties” from providing, any gift or gifts with an aggregate value in excess of $50 in a calendar year from any single source. 

There are exceptions for:

  • Unsolicited tokens of minimal value (less than $25);
  • The cost of food and beverage and admission to a reception, meal, or meeting where the public official or public employee is attending in his/her official capacity on behalf of his/her state or local government body.
  • Reasonable food, travel, or lodging expenses are provided to a public official or public employee when representing state or local government on a “fact-finding mission”, where receipt of such expenses is pre-approved.  Written approval from district administration that they consider the briefing, meeting, or other event to be a fact-finding mission and the expenses to be permissible is required.  A “fact-finding mission” is defined as any activity related to a cultural or educational purpose.
  • Informational materials

More information is available on the Oregon Government Ethics Commission website.

Employee Restrictions on Political Campaigning

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